You may have been a tourist in Europe and found the concerts held in their theaters and halls quite astonishing and remarkable. Since then, you have a yearly Amsterdam holiday schedule just to see these operas. Who says that watching opera is outdated? It used to be common back in the days, but definitely uncommon in our time. Visiting operas using your kortingscode vliegticket expedia will give you a gift of nostalgia. A taste what it used to look like back on those days. But do you know that we, Americans have our own version of concert halls here in Pittsburgh? Your travel might be a lot shorter and cheaper just to be part of an audience in concerts.

Benedum Theater

This is one of the most famous theaters in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. For our older website visitors, it was known to them as the Stanley Theatre. It is located in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was built after the First World War, in 1928. After years of being in service to numerous visitors and tourists, it has been renovated in 1987 and is now called the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts.

Originally a movie theater, it was more than three million dollars to make. The Stanley Theatre had shown numerous films especially the ones from Warner Bros.

Benedum Theater has something that will make you feel nostalgic. You’ll be caught wondering for the complexity of art here. You might find how art transformed over the years. To get this experience, find the abubot discount code and secure a ticket. You will never regret visiting this theater. since it was operated by the division of the same company.

This theatre is known as the “star maker”. They say that if you want to be famous, you should take the Canal Bus Amsterdam Roundtrip tour and go here. You should make a wish, and much better if you perform on the stage. It’s a superstitious belief that only locals would know. Some of the famous people and bands who performed in this theater include Frank Sinatra, King Biscuit Flower Hour, Frank Zappa, Prince, and Kansas.

After the restoration, most of the concerts that are held here are from the Pittsburgh Opera, Ballet, and Civic Light Opera.

Heinz Hall of the Performing Arts

Heinz Hall of the Performing Arts

This theater hall is also located in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The Heinz Hall started its operation in 1927. The original name of this theater is Loew’s Penn Theatre. Just like the Benedum Center of the Performing Arts, this theater was a movie palace.

The former owner of the theater, r Marcus Loew, was a motion picture business mogul.

Travellers will find theatres that still exist around the world. This live theatre is worth a visit. So, if you can afford to get the round trip flights to Amsterdam, don’t miss out to visit this old theatre. You’ll love the authenticity of this theatre. He envisioned a place where people can view motion pictures in Pittsburgh. But the competition in motion pictures caught on Loew in the 1960s which caused him to sell the theater to Henry J. Heinz II and Charles Denby.

After being rescued and renovated, the theater has since been the home of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Today, you can see the refurbished hall with new risers, shells, reflectors, and more theater improvements.